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The seed for this began in 2013, I was walking around a fair and a woman sold miniature bottles with scriptures in them, of course I bought one for myself and my family members. I fell in love with the idea. A few weeks later my husband broke the bottle he kept on his key chain so I remade him a new and improved one. With the excess material I offered it to anyone who wanted them and I was surprised by the response. So many hungry people, searching for hope and finding it in this bottle. Obviously the power was not in the item but in the Word and being reminded of it whenever they held that bottle. (Titus 1:2) Through bible study, multiple daily affirmations, teachings online and TV programming I was pulled deeper in the Word and for the first time realized there was some good stuff in this "Book of instruction" or as my pastor refers to it "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth" which he got somewhere off the net. I began to share my insight with a small group of family and friends thru large text messages because I was so excited about what I learned I wanted others to know. Their words of encouragement inspired this concept. That and a lot of prayer. I don't consider myself a bible scholar. I have never been to a seminary. I just have this passion and desire for the wisdom found in these verses. They have helped me and others take the focus off what we see and place it on what we believe. And that has to be Good News! 

Why me?

I use to post positive daily affirmations and quotes from names of people I didn't know all over my bathroom until one day I read Mathew 22:29 and it transformed my thinking and doing. I committed then to rely on the truth of His promises for my life. I truly believe there is Power in His Word and in His Word alone. I stopped relying on these feel good words and phrases and began relying on Him. And He has never ceased to amaze me. (Psalm 40:3)

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